Our patient health record management system along with vitals recording, allows the doctor to quickly & easily view patient history, thereby ensuring better diagnosis at all points of time.

Instascripts is accessible on iPad, laptop/desktop, and mobile app platforms. To ensure smooth functioning, we recommend an AirPrint compatible wireless printer for iPad and a wired/wireless printer for online/mobile applications along with a reliable internet connection of 2 MBPS. You can choose your own hardware, or we can help you make the necessary arrangements.

Instascripts was designed keeping specific requirements of each speciality in mind. Our speciality-focused application approach has made Instascripts an extremely compatible platform with your practice and style. Though we do not sell customised applications for individual doctors, our team keeps adding new features for each speciality based on popular demand.

Your membership purchase entitles you to all updates published over the duration of your subscription.

Yes, certainly. Our support team will help you in migrating data from your existing application to Instascripts.

Instascripts EMR is extremely simple to use. No prior knowledge of computer/software is required. Our on-site team will guide you through the initial setup and is always accessible for any support you might require.

Prescriptions can be generated in English and translated to any regional language with a single click before sharing. Instascripts supports prescriptions in up to 12 regional languages to make it easier for patients who are comfortable in their native language.