FAQ For Clinic

  • Click on the sign up button on the homepage, it will give you the option to sign up as a patient, doctor clinic or pharmacy.
  • Select to sign up as a clinic and then click on find the right plan for your team.
  • A page will opens where the clinic can select the subscription plan based on its features and choose the plan on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Click on the next button will open a page for clinic registration, fill in all the fields with a red * which are mandatory.
  • After filling in all the fields enter the captcha and tick the checkbox agreeing with the terms and conditions before clicking on submit.
  • A verification email will be sent to the email provided, upon clicking on the link in the email it will open your invoice and ask you to complete the payment process
  • In the email provided you will receive a link to which will continue with the clinic’s registration by attaching all the documents required and entering the data of those documents.
  • Your clinic registration will remain pending until approved by the InstaScripts team, a confirmation will come through email
  • Along with the confirmation, you will receive a link to set up login credentials for the clinic.
  • Once done click on save and now you can log into your account.

Unrestricted mobility to the clinic while on the move..

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